Why choose AVLPC ?

Why choose Windows offered by AVLP?

AVLPC Windows   

✔.  Ships with the latest version of Windows

✔.  Up-to-date Security, fully integrated with the Operating System at NO extra cost or subscription*  (for most users)

Peace of mind and security! Only essential notifications.

✔.  All the latest features - updated

✔.  No Bloatware  (apart from some Windows suggestions)

✔.  All Drivers updated and integrated driver update solution within the OS - free of cost! no subscrition

✔.  Each Device is meticulously checked for bugs and issues for a great out-of-the-box user experience

✔.  Essential Apps for a productive workflow

✔.  Printers, Scanners, and other peripherals support out-of-the-box

✔.  Apple Support, Mac & iOS devices, seamless integration with features like Airdrop, Texting (iMessage) from PC, and more

✔.  For Apple Users Mac-Like UI customization and support for Apple Music, TV, Devices, Mail, iCloud, Contacts, Calendars and more. 

✔.  Android Support, Samsung, Pixel and other devices, seamless integration

✔.  Browser Security, Session (Browser Tabs) Saving, and other goodies built right into the system and browsers 

✔.  A user-focused interface, for Home, Entertainment Center, Business (Small Businesses), Corporate, Students, and Gamers - customized and tuned to specific needs and demands

The Drive is the most important part of a computer. 

The drive not only contains the operating system files but also your user data, memories, and everything that you do on a computer (or Mac). 

You can replace everything on a PC but the drive if fails cannot be replaced without loss of data (pictures, music, memories, work-in-progress) and more. Everything is stored in the drives.

✔.  Best in Class (in the World!) Drives (SSD, NVMe) Storage solutions - comes with 5 years hardware replacement warranty.

✔.  Our drives are either tier 1 (SM-) or tier 2 (PM-) Samsung Drives, with the best controller, best D-RAM cache, and best-in-class endurance (often ~20x of consumer-grade) for longevity, sustained performance, and endurance. 

Less than 1% failure rate at 36 months

✔.  Lifetime warranty on RAM sticks

✔.  Customer focused, for the best experience to individual

✔.  Customized and tuned to user needs (performance, lifestyle)

✔.  Customized for Small Businesses specific needs

✔.  🚫Ad, 🚫annoyance, 🚫tracking, and third-party data collection free internet experience. 

✔.  Local and timely, human support, faster issue resolution

✔.  Integrated remote-support built into Windows 

✔.  Lots of Free TV Shows, Movies, Streaming Services Apps, and Radio for music and entertainment

✔.  Our Computer Systems are the product of years of research and development and hundreds of hours of meticulous efforts to bring you the best Comprehensive Windows Experience!

✔.  We are constantly working to bring you the next best thing!


 ✘.  Windows version - unknown, often lot older

 ✘.  McAfee, Norton, or some other 3rd party trialware - not updated, not integrated with OS, doesn't do a good job at protecting. Constant nagging to pay, to get more crapware subscriptions that are not necessary! Moneypit!

 ✘.  Windows features - Unknown - hit or miss

 ✘.  Often intentional malware and bloatware to make users pay down the road

 ✘.  Most the time they will install a 3rd party trialware which not only doesn't work as good but also requires subscripton

✘.  Commercially made in large quantity, lacks personal touch

✘.  User has to find solutions themselves often costing time and money before they can even start workflow 

✘.  Native Printer, Scanner support - Not present 

✘.  Apple, iOS, iCloud support - Not present 

✘.  Customized User Interface - Not available. Windows 11 maze of menus to navigate

✘.  Android support - Limited, hard to find, making user adoption non-existent

✘.  No browser protection -almost intentional , often comes with trialware VPN services - again trying to make users pay

✘.  Just a basic install, user has to do all the work to personalize without any help

Drive:  The most important part of a computer to the user!

The drive not only contains the operating system files but also your user data, memories, and everything that you do on a computer (or Mac).

✘.  Would you risk your years' of work to save a few bucks?

Often the cheapest option available and many fail right after the 1 year warranty period- most times the user data is lost or requires thousands of dollars and professional recovery service

✘.  Consumer grade, D-RAMless, TinyControllers, with oftentimes everything crammed into one dye to save cost, suffering in endurance and useful life. 

Failure rate over 10%-25% after 18 months!

✘.  RAM warranty - 1 year

✘.  Company-focused (their own company) - profit-driven and making you buy again and again, or sign you up for subscriptions to make as much money from you a possible!

✘.  Tune ups - No such support

✘.  Business specific customizability - No such support

✘.  Collects your browsing data and uses your data and browsing history to sell you targeted ads! ⚠️No Privacy⚠️

✘.  Enjoy your time with automated non-human bots or third-world call centers, often leading to scams, loss of money, and privacy

✘.  Remote support - ??

✘.  No Free Entertainment Apps

✘.  Generic of-the-shelf Windows, unprotected, buggy full of trialware, designed to annoy you every day and keep you buying more unnecessary software and subscriptions.

✘.  Future features - ??

--- The choice is yours ---